UPSC Nepali Syllabus for Main Examination | Marking Scheme and Papers for Nepali UPSC Examination


UPSC Nepali Syllabus For Main Examination

Syllabus For Paper-1/I of UPSC Nepali Syllabus

Important Note: All Answers to be written in Nepali

SECTION-A of UPSC Nepali Syllabus

  • The progress and foundation of Nepali as one of the Indo-Aryan Dialects
  • Basics of Nepali Grammar and phonology:
    1. Classifications of Nominal Forms such as-
  1. Case
  2. Number
  3. Gender
  4. Adjectives
  5. Avyayas
  6. Pronouns
    1. Classifications of Verbal Forms such as-
  7. Voice
  8. Aspects
  9. Tenses
  10. Fixes
  11. Roots
    • Classification of Nepali Vyanjana and Swara
  • Main Tongues of Nepali
  • Transformation and Standardization of Nepali with distinctive mention to semantic activities such as Jharrovad, Halanta Bahiskar etc.
  • Spread of Nepali in India
  • Its origin and evolution with mention to its socio-cultural aspects

SECTION-B of UPSC Nepali Syllabus

  • Origin of Nepali texts with mention to its evolution in India
  • Major ideas and philosophies of Nepali literature-
    1. Kavya Prayojan
    2. Literary genres
  • Stylistics
  1. Shabda Shakti
  2. Tragedy
  3. Alankara
  • Comedy
  • Kavya/Sahitya
  1. Aesthetics
  2. Rasa
  • Chief literary developments-
    1. i) Yatharthavad
    2. ii) Astitwavad
  • iii) Postmodernism
  1. iv) Ayamik Movement
  2. v) Swachchhandatavad
  3. vi) Contemporary Nepali writings
  • Nepali folklores-
    1. i) Selo
    2. ii) Lahari
  • iii) Jhyaurey
  1. iv) Sangini
  2. v) Sawai

Syllabus for Paper-2/II of UPSC Nepali Syllabus

Important Note: All answers to be written in Nepali. This Exam will assess the applicant’s critical capability and will require first-hand understanding of the suggested texts

SECTION-A of UPSC Nepali Syllabus

  • Balkrishna Sama
  1. Prahlad

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